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Shanghai financial market turnover rises in 2017

Shanghai's financial market grew in 2017 with the overall transactions hitting 1.4 quadrillion yuan (US$220 trillion), more than 17 percent of the municipality's GDP. Shanghai has a total of 1,537 registered ...

January 16,2018

Trade growth drives up Shanghai Port profits

Shanghai International Port on Sunday reported fast growth in net profit last year as trade growth pushed up shipping demand. In an unaudited report filed with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company ...

January 15,2018

Shanghai shares gain for 8th straight trading day

Shanghai stocks edged up today for an eighth straight trading day, with investors pursuing shares of liquor firms and pharmaceutical companies. The Shanghai Composite Index rose slightly by 0.13 percent ...

January 10,2018

Entrusted loans to be tightened

China’s top banking regulator on Saturday issued rules to tighten management over entrusted loans, a form of business-to-business lending that involves commercial lenders as intermediaries. The new rules ...

January 08,2018

Pakistan allows yuan for bilateral trade

Pakistan will allow the yuan to be used for imports, exports and financing transactions for bilateral trade and investment activities, in a move economists said yesterday would simplify a massive Chinese ...

January 04,2018

Number of IPOs on Chinese markets set to drop in 2018

The number of newly-listed companies on the Chinese mainland is expected to slow in 2018 from a historic high last year, according to PwC. The number of initial public offerings on the A-share, Shenzhen ...

January 03,2018


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