Shanghai Finance

Financial Center

Major goals for the Development of the Shanghai International Financial Center during the 12th Five-Year period


The plan sets forth goals in four major categories

Significant expansion of financial markets




Trade volume on financial markets

386.2 trillion yuan

around 1,000 trillion yuan

Value of outstanding bonds

5th in the world

top 3

Trading volume of gold

First in the world

remain on top

Trading volume of financial derivatives


enter the top 5

Insurance gross premium income

69.5 billion yuan

140 billion yuan

Volume of cross-bank bankcard transaction

around 10 trillion yuan

around 25 trillion yuan

Strengthening services functions of financial sectors




The proportion of direct financing from financial markets in total social financing

16.7 percent

around 22 percent

Assets under management

about 15 trillion yuan

about 30 trillion yuan

Lifting internationalization of the financial sector




Number of foreign investors

Number of foreign investors in Shanghai financial markets is relatively small

the number to be significantly increased

Global influence of Shanghai financial markets

Global influence is relatively small

Expanded influence of major Shanghai securities market indices and commodities futures prices

Improving development environment for finance sectors




Workers in financial sectors



Global competitiveness of financial development environment

top in the country

Much improved global competitiveness environment, with legal, tax and regulatory practices more in compliance with international standards

① Foreign exchange trade is excluded from trade volume of financial markets

② According to an updated accounting standard of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (which excludes premium income from universal insurance and equity-linked life insurance), Shanghai recorded gross premium income of 69.5 billion yuan in 2010.