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Kong Qingwei meets with Deloitte delegation



On the morning of October 21, Sun Qingwei, party secretary of Shanghai Financial Service Office, met with a delegation led by Zeng Shunfu, managing partner of Deloitte China Eastern Region.

Sun said the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period will be critical for the construction of Shanghai international financial center and Deloitte should grasp the chance to giver full play of its expertise and strive for win-win cooperation. The Office will support Deloitte’s operation in Shanghai as always, he added.

Sun suggested that Deloitte should not only focus on large enterprises but also pay attention to the growth of innovative companies, contributing to Shanghai’s economic restructuring and the construction of a technology innovation center.

Doolittle can play a role in the reform and internationalization of Shanghai state-owned enterprises and boost Shanghai’s influence as an international financial center, he said.

Zeng introduced the latest development of Deloitte China and said that Deloitte is willing to play an active role in Shanghai international financial center construction by taking advantage of its resources worldwide.

Xie Dong, deputy director of the Office, also attended the meeting.


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