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Brief Introduction to the Shanghai Financial Development Service Center


A group photo is taken on October 11, 2012 when Shanghai Financial Development Service Center holds a training class on credit and risk management of small and micro businesses.


The Shanghai Financial Development Service Center was established in September 2009. It is an independent legal entity under the administration of the Shanghai Financial Service Office.

The center carries out the mandates of Shanghai Financial Committee (CPC) and Shanghai Financial Service Office, undertakes daily work concerning the construction of the Shanghai International Center, and provides various public services to financial institutions and professionals in Shanghai. The duties of the center are as follows:

 (ⅰ) to provide policy advisories and other services to Chinese-funded or foreign-funded financial institutions, new finance institutions and intermediary financial agencies;

(ⅱ) to provide financial policy advisories for the development of Shanghai’s municipal industrial and county economies;

(ⅲ) to provide financing policy advisories and other services to small and micro enterprises in Shanghai;

(ⅳ) to attract financial professionals and provide vocational training services;

(ⅴ) to build a training center for those who seek to acquire professional qualifications in the financial industry and to provide related training services;

(ⅵ) to provide supplementary medical insurance management services to financial professionals;

(ⅶ) to provide advisory services for international cooperation and communications in the financial field;

(ⅷ) to build a think tank of financial experts;

(ⅸ) to provide information services related to the international and national macroeconomic situation and on financial and economic policies.

In December 2012, the center was granted another title as the Shanghai Financial Service Information Center, charged with enhancing information planning and financial information services.

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