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The Establishment of Shanghai Financial Association


Shanghai Financial Association (SFA) is a nonprofit social organization with its cross-sectors, cross-industries and alliance mission. Initiated by financial trade associations, financial markets, large financial institutions and intermediary services organizations in Shanghai, SFA is registered at Shanghai Administration Bureau of NGOs and supervised by Shanghai Financial Service Office.

On April 30th, 2009, Shanghai Financial Association held the establishment ceremony at the Westin Bund Center. At present, SFA has 75 director units and 477 member units. The first President Unit of SFA is the Bank of Communications. 21 major institutions take the Vice President Units including Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange, China UnionPay Co.,Ltd, China Financial Futures Exchange, Shanghai Gold Exchange, China Foreign Trade Exchange etc.

Since its establishment SFA is committed to consolidating the foundation in first year, creating brand in second year, setting up a good image in third year and joining the first class in fourth year, has made major 5 aspects work as below listed:

(1) SFA is committed to intergrading the rich resources of different Shanghai Finance Sectors,hosting a series of activities with brand effect. For instance, SFA has successfully host the 2009, 2011 and 2012 Shanghai Financial Services Fair For SME and 2009,2010,2012 “A Series lectures on Promoting the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center”. SFA also integrates the research resource, successfully launch four issues Shanghai Financial Prosperity Index. Meanwhile, SFA actively took part in the preparation work of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013Lujiazui Forum.

(2)SFA is committed to increasing international academic exchanges and expand contacts and co-operation with other financial institute home and abroad. SFA has established long and stable cooperative relationship with Canadian-Chinese Association, The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Shanghai Korea Business Center, E Financial Careers, Shanghai Foreign Service Co, Ltd., Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable, Luxembourg Financial Technology Transfer Center, etc. Meanwhile, SFA also organized delegation visiting America, Canada, Europe, South Korea and Taiwan Region, etc. SFA also received the local government and Financial Services Office delegation from Yunnan Province, Changsha, Ningbo, Dezhou , Dalian, Jiaxing, etc.

(3)SFA is committed to serving the member units well according to their demand. For instance, SFA edits and launches Shanghai Financial Industry General Trend, Magazine Finance and Finance Ages every month. Hosting two Video Jobs Fair for Abroad Financial Talents, SFA has extended the channel of absorbing abroad talents for Shanghai Financial Enterprises. Cooperating with Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Branch, SFA host the 2011, 2012 “The Vote of Shanghai Top Ten Financiers.” Cooperating with Shanghai Financial Labor Association, SFA successfully host the election of “2012 Shanghai Financial Service Stars”. Meanwhile, SFA also actively establish the dialogue platform between government and Financial institutions, transferring the advices and suggestions from member units on topic of the development of Shanghai International Financial center to major leaders.

(4)SFA is committed to providing intellectual support for the development of Shanghai. SFA successfully established the Committee of Finance Experts, Specialist Committee of Shipping Finance, Specialist Committee of Finance Talents, Specialist Committee of SME Finance and Service, Specialist Committee of Merger and Acquisitions, Specialist Committee of Finance Information and Specialist Committee of Financial Law Governance. Each committee plans to complete at least four items as “one research project, one book, one conference and one interchange activity” in one year.

(5)SFA shoulders the historical mission and push forward important projects and brands. For instance, SFA advocates and being greatly involved in the preparation work of Shanghai Financial Museum which is located on the Bund. Cooperating with Chinese Academy of Social Science and the government of Huangpu District, SFA created the academic Salon Financial Ages at the Bund No.1, which is the earliest building on the Bund and the former British Consulate General.

On February 2013, in the election of 2nd  Session Shanghai Advanced Social Organization host by Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Shanghai Administration Bureau of NGOs,SFA was awarded the title of Shanghai Advanced Social Organization.


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